On the Surface: A Northwest Semitic Fertility Cult Text

The inscription on the Stentoften stone consists of 144 runes, which are arranged on the stone as shown in the following illustration.

There have been doubts concerning some of the runes, since some of them have eroded significantly, but please watch the video below in order to see how the sequences "GAF JA" and "M AGE AJU" have been read by the present author close to the middle of the inscription.

A close examination of the Stentoften inscription reveals that it is to be understood in the following way (with somewhat exaggerated distances between words):

Transliterated this can be written as:

n-i-u-h A-b o-r u m-k-A
n-i-u-h-a g-e s-t-A u m-k-A
h-A-þ-u w o-l-A f-k g-A-f j-A
h-A-r-A w o-l-A f-k m A-g-e A-j-u s-n-u h-w-e
h i-d e-k-r-u-n-o n-o-f e-l-A A-r-e-k-A h-e-d-e-r A-g-A-n o-r-o-n-o-k
h e-r-A m-A-l-A s-A-k-A-r A-g-e-u w e-l-A d-u-d s-A-þ-A e-t o-l-A b-A r-i u t-i-þ

Apparently the language of the Stentoften inscription is quite close to Biblical Hebrew and Aramaic, and we can therefore easily write it by means of the Hebrew script: 

The meaning of this is:

The delight of the father rises and strikes.
The proud delight declines and strikes.
Rejoice! And the power moves to and fro the highest place of Jah.
Burn (of desire)! And the power moves to and fro because of its devastatingly ruining flight.
The hand of our eradication of the height of El reaches the innermost part of the bowl/pelvis of your desire.
The complete nudity seeks his flash and El, the lover, moistens the power with water and mud of the