Rödeby Codes

Pointing towards Gold!

The 144 runes of the big Rödeby stone can be arranged in a 12×12 matrix. In such a matrix we observe the sequences z-o-h-A-b and z-u-h-b vertically and diagonally respectively. Z-o-h-A-b is understandable as זהב, meaning "GOLD".

Is the Ark Coded As Well?

We can observe "Aron" and "haed" in the lower part of the matrix, but in order for the "aron ha eduth" code to be complete it is necessary for the two halves of the matrix to switch places like this:

In the rightmost column we observe the sequence "ZAFO". At least an "N" is missing for this to become ZAFON, which would then mean "north" if it corresponded to צפון. 

If the rigthmost column would move to become the leftmost column, then we could at least read "ZAFJON" or "L ZAFOAN".

Let's do that and now see if the location of the ark is again compatible with Hönshylte skans, which the Björketorp monument indicates as the location of the ark. 

Clearly, the line indicated above from the last rune of "ARUA" in the bottom right corner to the first rune in "ARON" is a perferct match, since the direction from the Rödeby stone to Hönshylte skans is approximately given by ARCTAN(5/11) + 270 degrees. (Measurement in Google Earth gives 294.75°, while ARCTAN(5/11) + 270 is equal to 294.44°.) It is then here assumed that ARUA stands for the Rödeby stone, just like it stands for the Björketorp monument in that monument's inscription.

In the upper left corner of the matrix we can now also see "LA ZUHAB", understandable as "towards the gold" (לה זהב). Stepping down 5 steps and going eleven steps rightwards lead us not to the last rune of ARUA, but to the second last at the bottom, but this can be considered as a fairly good match as well.

Now, let's switch back the upper and lower halves of the matrix again, but keep the originally rightmost column in the leftmost place. Then turn the matrix 90° clockwise.

We can now observe a rectangle close to the rightmost lower corner and in that rectangle is possible to read A-A-A-r-u-A. From the bottom of this rectangle the matrix indicates ARCTAN(5/11) + 270 degrees to the end of "ZOHAB" and the end of "LA ZUHB". From the top of this rectangle ARCTAN(5/11) + 270 degrees are indicated towards the end of "ARON".

It is even possible to understand the matrix as indicating ARCTAN(5/11) + 270 degrees RÖDEBY - then written as "RATHABJ" - to the start of "ARON".