Treasure Maps Encoded in the Björketorp Inscription!

The First Seven Rows

The 100 runes of the first seven rows of the Björketorp monument can be arranged in a 10×10 matrix with 10 runes per row. If we translate these runes into Latin letters, then we can easily read a sequence "Tau arua" in the rightmost column. 

We can interpret this sequence as תו ערוה, meaning "sign/mark/monument of the pudenda". This can be understood as a designation of the Björketorp monument, since the main stones of the monument form a triangle and since the triangle anciently was a well-known symbol for the mother-goddess: "In several ancient cultures the symbolic abstraction of the mother-goddess, and her maternity-granting potential was a triangle whose apex pointed downward, and which was reminiscent of the pubic region of her idols." See "Notes on Two Ancient Fertility Symbols" by Balaji Mundkur.

In the bottom row of the matrix we can read "ARAB", which can be interpreted as "west". "Ma'arav" means west in Hebrew. If we turn the matrix 90º clockwise, so that ARAB appears on the left, then we see a potential map indicating a direction from the Björketorp monument ("TAU ARUA") to the ark (of the covenant), read as AORON, HA AURON and ARON. Ark, as in the ark of the covenant, is ARON (ארון) in Hebrew.

In the very middle of the matrix we can also read HAR ZHW, understandable as הר זהב (har zahav) and meaning "mountain of gold".

Including the 68 additional runes of the three main menhirs

If we not only include the 100 runes of the first seven lines, but include all of the 168 runes of the three main menhirs of the monument, then we find that these runes can be arranged in a 12×14 matrix with 12 runes per row. In the new matrix, thus formed, we find ARAB (west) to the right and AOR (east) to the left, meaning that we need to turn the matrix upside-down in order to get the cardinal directions in the usual way.

The code HAR ZHW (= "mountain of gold") has now moved to the upper right part of the new matrix (or lower down part in the matrix when turned upside-down).

Again we can see basically the same direction from ARUA (probably designating the Björketorp monument) toward the ARON or AORON, meaning the Ark of the Covenant. Indeed we can read the runes of ARON HA EDUTH, understandable as ארון העדות (= "ark of testimony") close to the middle of the matrix. ארון העדות is an a well-known name of the ark of the covenant in the Bible.

In addition we can easily read the names YAAKOB, YiSRAEL, AROER and DIBON in the matrix.

We can observe the same direction (three positions up and four positions to the left) from ARUA to:

  • the end of ARON
  • the end of HA EDUTH
  • the beginning of HAR ZHW (Mountain of Gold)

In the matrix turned upside-down, this direction is given by - ARCTAN(4/3) = - 53.13º. This would then equal a course of 360 - 53.13 = 306.87º from the Björketorp monument.

Since we know that the course from Björketorp to Hönshylte skans is 306.74º, differing by only 0.13º from direction indicated by the code, the probability is high that the treasure maps encoded in the Björketorp inscription point toward the entrenchment of Hönshylte.

Including the 42 runes of the fourth stone of the monument

If we not only include the 168 runes of the three main menhirs of the monument, but also include the 42 runes of the fourth stone, then we find that these 210 runes can be arranged in a 15×14 matrix with 15 runes per row. In the new matrix, thus formed, we find AOR (east) in the last line, indicating that the matrix should be turned counter-clockwise 90º. 

We can note that if we move the first four rows to the end (bottom) of the matrix, then we can again see similar directions. The direction is thus the same:

  • From the middle of ARWA written in a square to the end of AORON or ARON.
  • From the beginning of ARUA to the middle of ARON.
  • From the middle of AROWA to the beginning of HA AORON.
  • From the beginning of ARUA to the beginning of AURON.

The Hallaryd Code

As mentioned the sequence AOR, possible to understand as "east", is found at the bottom of the 15×14 matrix when all the 210 runes of the monument are included.

However, this sequence is also found at the very right side of the matrix, so it is also possible to let the matrix remain like it is without turning it.

In the fourth column of the unturned matrix, we can read the sequence HALARJD, possible to interpret as Hallaryd - a name of a village.

We can see that HALARJD is to the left of ARON (the ark) and also to the left of ARUA (the pudenda - meaning the Björketorp monument.

The relation between ARUA and ARON or AORON does however not appear to agree with what we found previously.

What on the contrary is exhibiting extraordinary agreement with reality in the unturned matrix is, however, the relations between Hallaryd and ARUA (the Björketorp monument) and between Hallaryd and ARON (if the ark is considered to be located at the entrenchment of Hönshylte).

We can thus on the map see Hallaryd located west of ARON (considered to be in Hönshylte) and one step north and three steps west of Björketorp, just like in the matrix!

The Israel Code

In the SAME matrix where we read HALARJD (= Hallaryd), we also find JROSALAJM or JROSOALAJM in a kind of ring down close to the bottom right corner of the matrix. This could be interpreted as a Hebrew letter Yud. Over JROSOALAJM we can read KNAN or KNANA formed like an ancient Hebrew Shin. Over KNAN in turn can be read the tribal names Asher and Gad - together formed as an ancient Hebrew Resh.

From the "rod" of HALARJD can be seen the branches RUA (understandable as RUAH meaning "spirit") and LEV (= heart) going toward the right, together forming an ancient Hebrew Aleph.

Finally the sequence ADA W JAO, possible to understand as "eternity and God", can be seen as forming the letter Lamed.

Thus we have in the matrix, the letters Yud, Shin, Resh, Aleph and Lamed, together forming the name ISRAEL. 

From ARUA (apparently standing for the Björketorp monument) we have to go nine letters (runes) down and seven letters (runes) rightwards in order to arrive to the CENTER of the word JROSO-ALAJM. This happens to agree EXACTLY with the direction from Björketorp to the CENTER of Jerusalem, since the direction 90 + ARCTAN(9/7) leads to the CENTER of Jerusalem from Björketorp, i.e. the initial course from Björketorp leading toward Jerusalem is 90 + ARCTAN(9/7) - just like in the matrix!