The Discovery of the Färlöv Stone in 1997

In the autumn of 1997 excavations took place in Färlöv in connection with the replanting of a tree alley. The excavator suddenly hit something hard and the machinist Leif Björk dug around the rock to be able to lift it up. It soon became clear that it was a rune stone that had been encountered. After extensive examinations the stone was again erected on its original place on the 30th of september 1998 with some of its runes (but far from all) partly or in full filled in with red painting.

The Northwest Semitic Fertility Cult Text of the Färlöv Stone

The Western Side of the Stone - Side A

In the past the present author correctly identified some of the last runes of the first row in the inscription ("A-r-A-r A-z-A").

The sequences "s-A-b-o-A" was also seen in the past.

However, many of the other runes were previously not identified correctly.

But after careful study of additional photos, the author has now arrived at a more certain interpretation of all the runes of the Färlöv stone. The runes of this side are indicated in the following pictures.

Thus, we have the following sequence written on side A - the western side of the stone:

j-o-A-o-A ............. ["Minoan" signs] ..............

j-o-A-o-A s-A-b-o-A o-r-A z-u-A w e-l-A A-r-A-r A-z-A

u h-A-e-d z-r-u-A o-r-o-n-u

If we write this with corresponding Hebrew words, then we arrive at:


יוהוה שבוע אורא זוע ואלה ערער עזא

והעד זרוע אורנו  

This means:


Joaoa of the fullness of the light move! And Elah uncover strongly!

And ensure the strength of his desire!

The Eastern Side of the Stone - Side B

On the eastern side of the stone the present author has identified only four runes, which transliterated can be written as:

l-e o-t

This can be understood to correspond to the following in Hebrew:


This can be translated as "to destruction".