Färlöv Codes

Is the Färlöv Stone Pointing Towards Plates of Gold?

It was indicated that between the first five runes and the rest of the runes of the the Färlöv inscription there are Linear A signs mixed with so called Minoan hieroglyphs inscribed on the stone.

Possibly, the Minoan text says "Hi-no A-gi-no, Ha-ka-yu A-gi-no, Shu-mi-shu Za-za-yu, Sa-na-i Za-pa-yu."

If that is the case, then we can put the runes and the Minoan signs together in a 12×8 matrix:

If the above assumption regarding the Minoan signs is correct, then it is possible to read "HA SISE" vertically in the matrix. This can then be understood as הציצי, meaning "the gold plates".

This sequence "HA SISE" can be read exactly above an area in the matrix, where ARON Ha Eduth (= "ark of the testimony") can be read.

If, in analogy to the case of the Björketorp and Rödeby inscription, AURA is interpreted as "monument", then we can observe HA SISE (the gold plates) four steps up and three steps to the right of the monument. This corresponds to a course of ARCTAN(3/4) = 36.9˚ . The actual direction from the Färlöv stone towards Hönshylte, the suspected site of the ark, is however 39.3˚ , i.e 2.4˚  more than indicated by the code.