The Swedish Baal Zephon

The Swedish Baal Zephon

The Case for the Ark of the Covenant Residing in Sweden or Unlocking the Code of the Ark

The book The Swedish Baal Zephon, recapitulates important parts of the history of the Ark of the Covenant from the time of its construction at the foot of Mount Sinai. Before that time the children of Israel had crossed the Red Sea when they escaped the Egyptians. Just prior to the Red Sea miracle, the Israelites had camped in Pi Hahiroth on the western shores of the Red Sea, opposite to Baal Zephon. From there the course is 50 degrees toward Jerusalem. The same course we find from Qumran toward HaShittim - at the northern end of the plains of Moab, which was the last station of the 40 year long exodus just before the crossing of the Jordan. Actually we find a whole geometry, where one line - perpendicular to the north-south line from Jericho to Qumran - points directly to Jerusalem. If we now rotate this geometry around Jericho and scale it until the perpendicular crossing of the geometry moves to Jerusalem's Temple Mount, then the line which beforehand pointed toward Jerusalem turns toward a north-north-west direction instead. If we follow this direction we come to (or pass through) Sweden. Furthermore, where this line crosses the Baltic sea from the Polish side, we can again observe the course of 50 degrees provided that we turn the coordinate system 90 degrees.

As shown in Scandinavian Secrets the runic inscription of the Björketorp monument and the geometry of the monument indicate that the Ark of the Covenant is located near Mount Nebo toward Aroer. However, now it turns out that Aroer as well as for example Hebron and Jerusalem have correspondances in the Swedish geography, and that the Björketorp monument actually is pointing toward a place in Sweden. Stunningly you then find yourself arriving at the very same place in Sweden when you follow the line which pointed from Jerusalem, after you around Jericho had rotated the geometry as described above. Torah codes then are found to confirm that the Ark of the Covenant with very high probability resides in Sweden. This work contains exclusive information never published before!
"The Swedish Baal Zephon" by Örjan Svensson has 110 pages and contains 37 color illustrations. The content is extremely important and most of the information is not available elsewhere.
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  • The Wandering toward Baal Zephon
  • And the Crossing from Baal Ha Aron
  • A Deeper Understanding of Qumran
  • Revealing the Most Probable Original Hebrew Name of Qumran
  • Clockwise around the Dead Sea
  • Almon Diblathaim as Being on the Way from Jericho to Sekakah
  • The War Cry when the Walls of Jericho Fell Down
  • From Jericho to Jerusalem
  • The Disappearance of the Ark and Speculations about Where It Ended Up
  • Turning the Main Key of the Code
  • The Orientation and Geometry of Jerusalem's Temple Mount
  • Going North-Northwest
  • Biblical Indications of the House of Israel Having Gone to the North and West
  • The Location and Geometric Key of the Björketorp Monument
  • Turning the Key of Björketorp
  • The Runic Code of Björketorp
    • The Runes of the Björketorp Monument
  • Parallel Place-Names
    • Blekinge of Sweden Corresponds Primarily to the Dead Sea Area
    • The Hebrew Meaning of Some Other Blekinge Place-Names
    • Tjurkö — Probably Named after Kurkja, Related in Meaning to Gerar
    • Islands Representing Sinai, Egypt, and Locusts
    • The Village of Silpinge Named after Zilpah—Mother of Gad and Asher
    • Bräkne-Hoby, Corresponding to Shiloh
    • Björketorp, Västra Vång, Rödeby, Corresponding to the Tomb of Rachel, the Temple Mount, and Adumim
    • Kallinge, Corresponding to Kiriath Jearim (Kiriath Baal), and Tving, Corresponding to Har Ha Tzofim
    • Ronneby, Beth Ha Kerem, and Kuggeboda, Tekoa
    • Sign of the Bull
    • Halland Corresponds to the Sea of Galilee Area
      • Viskan — Kishon
      • Ätran — Named after Iturea
      • Nissan — Named after Manasseh
      • Lagan — Named after "Melach"
  • Revisiting the Björketorp Monument
  • The Swedish Parallel to Almon-Diblathaim Identified by Turning the Map 113.73 Degrees
  • Turning the Map 293.73 (= 180 + 113.73 = -66.27) Degrees
  • Turning the Map -150.68 Degrees
  • The Swedish Baal Zephon (and Baal ARON) Identified
  • Björketorp — A Baal Zephon in Its Own Right
  • The Hebrew Nature of the Björketorp Monument Confirmed
  • Confirmation by the Torah Code
    • ELS Map 1
    • Axis Term "the Village Ryd" Gives ELS "Ark of the Covenant" with a Skip Value that Is a Multiple of -306
    • Axis Term "the Ark Is in Village Ryd" Gives 251.565 Degrees from Jerusalem to Almon Diblathaim, just like Roffman's ELS Map 1!
    • From Jerusalem to Björketorp and to the Ark
    • EIFOH HA ARON? ("Where Is the Ark?") Is Next to Björketorp in the Torah Code!
    • The Sum of the Skip Values for "The Ark Is in Ryd" and "From Ryd Is the Ark" Gives the Skip Value for "The Ark Is in Sweden"!
      • The Ark Is in Ryd
      • From Ryd Is the Ark
      • The Ark Is in Sweden
  • The Axis between Pi-HaHiroth and the Swedish Baal Zephon Reflected in the Torah Code!
  • Some Additional Observations in the Torah Code
    • Ark of the North / Ark of the Code and Baal Zephon
    • Baal Zephon of Ryd
    • The Ark of the North
    • Urim in Swedish
    • Mound at Mörrum
  • What Now?
  • Notes
    • ELS Matrices
    • Different Spellings of Sweden in Hebrew
    • The Length of the Hebrew Cubit
    • Seven-Pointed-Star Geometry
    • Indications That in Addition to the Ark, the Tent of Meeting Also Resides in Ryd, Sweden
    • Directions from the Holy of Holies and toward the Golden Gate