Three of four corners of a temple geometry are defined by the Björketorp Monument, Eketorp's fort and Bårby fort in south-east Sweden!

This geometry points to the temple of Solomon in Jerusalem! Eketorp then corresponds to Jachin and Bårby fort corresponds to the pillar Boaz at the entrance of the temple.

The Size of the temple geometry

The size of this temple geometry in south-east Sweden appears to be 6400000337/(7373773) times bigger than Solomon's temple in Jerusalem and 80/49 times bigger than a temple geometry discovered around Jerusalem. This then implies that the structure around Jerusalem is 80000337/(73733) times bigger than Solomon's temple. The factor between the temple geometry around Jerusalem and that of south-east Sweden then becomes 77/80. The unit used at the construction of the temple of Solomon is believed to be a short cubit of 13.25 inches = 33.66 cm.

The corresponding temple geometry found around Jerusalem

From this follows that the Björketorp monument corresponds to the tomb of Rachel at Tzeltzach outside Bethlehem! In the same manner Bårby fort corresponds to Abel ha shittim and Eketorp's fort corresponds to the ark's current resting place in a Mount Nebo cave. From 1 Sam 10:2 we know that the tomb of Rachel was/is located at Zelzah or Tzeltzach:

"When thou art departed from me to day, then thou shalt find two men by Rachel's sepulchre in the border of Benjamin at Zelzah;....."

The name Tzeltzach even has the same meaning as Björketorp! This follows from the fact that the Hebrew "Tzel" means "shelter", and "torp" in Swedish is a shelter or a small cottage. There is also in Swedish the word "tjäll" which has a similar meaning and is pronounced like the Hebrew word "tzel". Further björk (= birch") etymologically means "shine" in reference to the birch's white bark. Very similar meanings has "tzach" in Hebrew, i.e. "dazzling white" and "bright". From this follows that Björketorp probably was named after Tzeltzach!
That the Björketorp Monument corresponds to the tomb of Rachel is also indicated by the latitude of Björketorp, which is 36037/237. The latitude of Rachel's tomb in the land of Israel, seems to have been 360541/6140, which can be written as 360541/(23070). Thus we have the digits 237 in the denominators of both latitudes, and 37 has been connected with 541 in many ways. For example the gematria value of Israel is 541, while the sum of the gematria values for Israel's tribes adds up to 3700. It is also interesting to note that the only verse in the Bible with gematria value 614 is Genesis 35:24: "The sons of Rachel; Joseph and Benjamin."

An even better approximation of the latitude of the Björketorp Monument is 77238360/74700, and 238 is the gematria value of RACHEL!

Around 200 meters to the north of the latitude 360541/6140, there exists also a latitude that can be expressed easily with the number 238: 238360/2701, i.e. 238360/(3773). The quotient between the "Rachel latitudes" in Israel and in south Sweden thus becomes 74700/(377377).

The site of Solomon's temple on the Temple Mount

The temple of Solomon was most likely located on the same site as the present Dome of the Rock. The latitude 3607777/27200 runs through this site.

The number 272 has been regarded as the number of harmony, as we can read on the page Harmony's number:

"A very significant use of 272 bonds Islam and Judaism. The three letter root of Arab in Hebrew is ayin (70), reisch (200), and veis (2). Its gematria is 272. The word, Hebrew, uses the same letters, re-arranged as: ayin (70), beis (2), and reisch (200)= 272. In this manner, both cultures have an harmonic accord. Also, the two primary Hebrew names for God in the Torah equal 272 but in a hidden way.. Scholars have pyramided the letters of a word to come up with the hidden pyramided value. Thus the Tetragrammaton becomes: yud (10) + yud, hei(15) + yud, hei,vav (21) + the full name- yud, hei, vav, hei (26). The total is 72. Using the same technique for the other primary name, Elohim, the total is 200. Therefore, the sum of these two pyramided names also equals 272. I can only conclude that if we allow it, the natural state of the Middle East and the world is all about peace and harmony. One last 272 point. When you multiply the Hebraic factors of the pyramided names of the Lord (described above) as 72 X 200, you get 14, 400.. 2.72 defines the number of feet in a megalithic yard, 14,400 defines the number of feet in the megalithic mile which is even found in China as a measure called the Pu."

The ground geometry of Solomon's temple shown as overlaid on Warren's map

Measurements indicate that the outer walls of the Temple Mount have the following dimensions (when calculating with the assumed ancient Temple Cubit of 33.66 cm):
  • Western wall: 1241 + 210 = 1451 cubits
  • Northern wall: 936 cubits
  • Eastern wall: 1300 + 97 = 1397 cubits
  • Inner Southern wall: 851 cubits
  • Outer Southern wall: 836 cubits
When examining these values of the lengths of the temple walls it becomes evident that they combine into several multiples of 7 and 77:
  • 851 + 836 = 1687 = 7241
  • 936 + 1241 = 2177 = 7311
  • 836 + 1397 = 2233 = 7729
  • 936 + 1451 = 2387 = 7731
  • 1300 + 1241 = 2541 = 7733
  • 836 + 1397 + 936 + 1241 = 4410 = 7790
  • 836 + 1397 + 936 + 1451 = 4620 = 7760
Further, the inner circumference of the walls equals in total 1241 + 936 + 1300 + 851 = 5418, which is significant, since the gematria value for Israel is 541. Combinations of lengths of some wall sections also give multiples of 307:
  • 836 + 1451 + 1397 = 3684 = 30712
  • 210 + 97 = 307
  • 836 + 1300 + 1241 = 3377 = 30711

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